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Church of Our Lady of Coros

 Indirizzo: 07044 Ittiri (SS)

On the plateau of Sas Seas, about 5 km from Ittiri, there is the Church of Our Lady of Coros, one of the latest Cistercian constructions of Sardinia, built between 1230 and 1260.

It was controlled by the Abbey of Paulis and belonged to the medieval village of Sa Iddazza. The building was originally characterized by Romanesque-Cistercian and Gothic architectural elements (pointed arches). The current structure is the result of the restoration and rebuilding works which can be dated back to the 1980s and that altered its original appearance, especially the façade. It is characterised by single-nave rectangular plan and a semi-circular apse. The façade is simple, with two corner pilasters which support two lytic spherical patterns. On the small tympanum there is a stone cross with a rhomboidal opening at the centre. On either side of the façade there are two porches.

On September 8th, the church still houses a country fair well attended by the inhabitants of Ittiri and the neighbouring towns during which it is possible to enjoy the traditional equestrian tournament.