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Food in Ittiri is notably lavish and exquisite, mostly thanks to the goodness of its oil and agricultural products, in particular its artichokes.  The strong bond with the past has favoured the preservation of its recipes and typical, traditional dishes from ancient Ittiri: from simple vegetable dishes to more elaborate foods made from meat and offal, to desserts of various types.

Among the typical desserts, prepared especially for the main festival occasions, it is worth mentioning  sos pirichittos (also known as bones of the dead), sos papassinos and sas tericcasa, mainly prepared in Autumn, to celebrate the feast of saints and the dead.  The piricchittos of Ittiri are among the most popular and are made from a dough made solely from durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil and eggs. Its decoration in white icing which  forms a criss-cross pattern is a typical feature. Also, highly esteemed among the desserts are the bianchini, sos amarettos and sos biscottos, a soft biscuit similar to “ladyfingers”, which are soft and thick,  characterized by a scored surface.

Specialities from Ittiri cuisine and its farming produce are presented every year at an annual fair Prendas de Ittiri, organised by an association of the same name and which is now organised for the tenth consecutive year. Among the stands set out in the squares of the old town, one can delight in an assortment of farming  foods and crafts hand-made by the skilled craftsmen of Ittiri.

The esteem of its products and food specialities is at the centre of initiatives promoted by the Sardinian Cunfradia de sos sabores antigos de Ittiri.