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Culture and traditions

In Ittiri, a bond with the past is particularly noticeable: customs and traditions are treasured, and among them, especially the festivals, which are often linked to churches and shrines which can be found in the local area: Nostra Signora di Coros (Our Lady of Coros), with its horse race, San Maurizio (St Maurice), organised by the association of bricklayers, La Madonna del Carmelo with a procession in which hundreds of young people in costume parade by, San Pietro (St.Peter), the patron saint, with religious ceremonies and dances and theatre shows, San Pasquale (St. Pasquale), and so on.

The strong bond with traditions is testified also by the conservation and usage of traditional clothing on the part of a discreet number of elderly villagers, although in a more updated form compared to the more rooted tradition.

Female clothing in Ittiri is a point of undisputed pride. The traditional daily dress is no longer used by girls, but up until the 1970s  it was still generally worn. The great opulence and variety of the items of clothing make the female way of dressing in Ittiri a complex system, which has undergone transformations over time and which is a point of interest and specific studies. The type of dress was different according to family and social circumstances: and it is possible to distinguish elegant clothing from everyday clothing. The female dress is covered in precious jewels. The sentimental and economic value of elegant clothing is still great and the artisan activity which preserves and reproduces its craftsmanship is still very much alive. The traditional male costume disappeared from everyday use a long time prior to the female one: today it is used in festivals and in folklore events and it is preserved in two types.