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Mondiale Rally WRC Sardegna Ittiri Arena Show

09/06/2016  - Event from 22/04/2016  to 13/06/2016

Alghero: A layout of dirt road and not more on asphalt, for accentuate further the show thanks to the presence of natural amphitheatre of rare beauty. It’s still, two kilometers of curves and oust to follow for two turns, two cars at time. More, a real village for allow to thousand of passionate from all the world to assist at the show and to admire immense window shopping dedicated to the flavors, colors and excellences of the territory and Sardinia. The Rally Italy Sardinia 2016 of World Rally Championship of Fia, organized by Automobile Club of Italy supported by Aci Sport and numerous local partners thanks to economic support of Region Sardinia. This year will live from Ittiri. Seen the extraordinary success of the last year, the stage on the main center of Coros becomes “Rally Arena Show”, that is the “super special” test opening mondial event. Beyond of technical and agonistic contents, to whom will be given large prominence thanks to the presence of the best drivers on the world and some of the must important international car makers. The first test of Rally Italy Sardinia 2016 fixed for Thursday 9 July, it’s one of the must anticipated appointments in the island for a lot of good reasons. “Ittiri’s stage is a more emblematic stage than what we understand when we talk about Rally and about event of worldwide” explain the organizers. “The show expected in the Ittiri Arena conjugates perfectly the sportive aspect those linked oh territory promotion and at the entertainment – add – elements that bland in one only and big show dedicated at the community that put us”. A couple of hours before the competition, a parade of historic car will homage the public with a turn of track which will help all the community of fans and authorized person to enter in the world climate. The importance of the appointment will be certified by the presence of Mediaset, media partner of Rally Italy Sardinia from this year, that will ensure super special covering through her daily programming, whose format foresees a magazine of 52 minutes before and after races and highlights every day. The public will do his part and respect the indications and the dispositions of commissioners to guarantee the maxim success, so as to make that of village Arena a real party allowing the smooth running of the races. The super special opening of Rally Italy Sardinia 2016 will be managed by Rally Arena Group, an association whom is engaged on mandate of organizers and of Ittiri’s Commune whom significantly contributed in Ris 2016 because believe in his promotional possibilities, to organize the date, to manage the sale of tickets and to create the Arena Village, a large pedestrian area dedicated to entertainment of public, a space when “boards and undertakings could to promote products and services to an international public, to have an ulterior reason, that what to arrive to the territory promotion to through the motor sports” as explain Antonio Sau, Ittiri’s mayor. “The Rally will bring in our village a thousand of passionate curious and tourists – add – the super special is the only test of the day and ford the city and whole will be a big occasion of international visibility”.